Project Partner: Parks Victoria

Project Date: Apr -Sep 2012

Funding: Supported by the Victorian Government through the Healthy Parks Healthy People Program

About the Project:
Parks Victoria have different kinds of wheelchairs available in various Parks, to allow greater access for people with disabilities, however they are not widely known about. Parks Victoria approached Storyscape to work with David Stratton to develop a short film that talks about his own journey with MS and the TrailRider (a wheelchair for bushwalking). The result was a film called “Wild Places”. Through this film David shares his passion for exploring beautiful natural places, however with his MS diagnosis, he thought his hiking days had come to an end. He soon discovered the Trailrider “a one-wheeled cross between a wheelbarrow and a sedan chair” in Canada. Through his advocacy, Trailriders are now available in a number of Victoria’s Parks, and with the help of his “sherpas”, he has trekked peaks, and seen sights he thought he’d never see again. The film was launched at Lysterfield National Park just outside Melbourne, along with a new TrailRider purchased for this Park.