Client: UNICEF Philippines

Project Date: Mar-Oct 2015

About the Project:
In humanitarian emergencies, adolescents and young people are often neglected with relief efforts focused on small children (considered most vulnerable) and adults (considered most capable to respond). Through 2015 we worked with UNICEF Philippines to develop an online PDF, and largely video based resource on adolescent participation and development (ADAP) in humanitarian response. The resource is designed to prepare humanitarian workers heading off to respond to emergencies, and to help them include young people in their work. Most of the information is provided through short video case studies focused on Haiyan (post the typhoon disaster) and Zamboanga (post conflict).

The film above is an overview of ADAP, and is included in the E-Document. You can also view the full E-Document via the link below. Please share with anyone who might find this useful.

UNICEF Adolescent Development and Participation in Humanitarian Response E-Document