Client: UNICEF Philippines

Project Date: Mar-Oct 2015

About the Project:
In addition to our online video based resource developed for UNICEF Philippines in 2015, we also undertook two Participatory Video projects. The first was a five-day workshop with young people from diverse ethnic groups living in transitional housing on the outskirts of Zamboanga (Mindanao). They had been moved to this site after the conflict in late 2013. This was a peace-building project that aimed to engage young people, and break down stereotypes, with the idea that these participants would also then influence their peer groups. Safety is also a real issue for young people living in these transitory sites, and the project aimed to identify protective and risk factors for young people as well as other issues that were important to them. Some participants went on to show their films at a UN conference in Manila and have received coverage in the national newspaper. Also thanks to the ongoing enthusiasm of the local facilitators we worked with, they have continued to make films and have held a Film Festival at the Masepla Transitory site.

Later in 2015, Storyscape also conducted a five-day Train the Trainer Participatory Video Workshop with approx. 20 participants in Davao, Mindanao. Participants included representatives from a range of UNICEF’s civil society organisation partners. The workshop aimed to share skills in facilitating Participatory Video projects, so they could further engage young people and encourage them to have a voice in peace building in Mindanao.

Other films created by young people in the Zamboanga Workshop:

While There’s Life There’s Hope

My Friend

Also included below is a link to one of the short films we made as part of a larger UNICEF E-Document resource, which includes interviews about the Participatory Video workshop in Zamboanga:

Youth Participation and Networks