Partner Organisation: Sacred Heart Primary School, Fitzroy

Collaborators: Monkey Marc, MC Mantra, Dagogo Obogo

Funding Partner: Creative Victoria

Project Date: Apr-Sep 2021

About the Project:

Fitzroy’s Sacred Heart Primary school is situated next to the Atherton Gardens Housing Estate and attended by a hugely multicultural cohort. The concept of Sankofa was the inspiration behind this project which saw us connect once again with Sacred Heart and their two visionary strings musicians Zoë Barry and Esther Henderson. The word Sankofa comes from the Akan people of Ghana and literally means, “to go back and get it.” It is symbolised by a mythical bird with feet facing forward and head turning back with a seed in its mouth. It represents connecting with the past and identifying the knowledge or wisdom (in the seed) that we should take forward into the future.

We assembled the team and together developed a project that encouraged students to explore, articulate and celebrate their identity using storytelling, visual art, song writing, music production, photography, video, dance and movement. The students made two award winning songs and music videos that celebrate diversity, culture and the essence of Sankofa!  The music videos ‘Let It Grow’ and ‘Double Double Culture’, were both finalists in the Victorian Multicultural Film Festival, and ‘Double Double Culture’ took the gong!

Students have gone on to be interviewed and have their tracks played on local radio stations, and their creations will form part of a whole school production. A wonderful project to part of, especially something so positive in the middle of a pandemic.

You can also view ‘Let It Grow’ on our vimeo:)