Project Partner: Clear Horizon Consulting

Funding: Various corporate, philanthropic and state and federal government organisations Project Date: 2011-2016

About the Project:
The Aspiration Initiative (TAI) academic enrichment program is a joint initiative of the Aurora Project, the Charlie Perkins Trust for Children & Students and the University of Canberra.  TAI aims to increase opportunities and support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students, helping to ensure they realise their potential at school, university and beyond.  The program provides intensive and continuous educational support to 90 Year 8 students across NSW, Victoria and WA through academic camps, tutoring and ongoing mentoring.  Students receive at least 200 hours of support each year until the end of their first year out of high school.  Storyscape is working with Clear Horizon as the Monitoring and Evaluation partner on the program. To date Storyscape has facilitated PhotoVoice workshops in NSW and Victoria to assist in formulating a baseline for evaluation research. Over the 5 ½ year program Storyscape will facilitate a range of PhotoVoice and Digital Storytelling workshops that aim to provide insights into the impact of the program, and help inform its design.