We run workshops in participatory photography method PhotoVoice – essentially taking photos, sharing stories, and discussing and analysing key themes.

What is PhotoVoice?
This methodology seeks to bring about positive social change in communities by providing photographic training through which project participants can advocate and improve the quality of their lives.

How Does It Work?
The tool involves training people in basic photographic skills, and supporting them to take images, and write stories/captions relating to particular themes and issues, depending on the project aims. Photos and stories are then shared and analysed by the group. Key themes can be drawn out to contribute to planning and evaluation processes. With the participant’s permission, photos and stories can then be shared online, at exhibitions, in advocacy campaigns and evaluation reports. PhotoVoice workshops can be one-off activities for a couple of hours or longer projects that happen at intervals over a period of months.

Why Do We Use It?
We often design smaller one-off activities that can form part of a planning/visioning process, or contribute to collecting and analysing stories of impact in an evaluation. We also often include it as a first step when developing concepts for short films. We find it is a great tool for talking about sensitive topics, and for really understanding the perspective of participants, in quite a short space of time.

Check out our Projects for some examples of our participatory photography work.

PhotoVoice was pioneered in the UK by the organisation PhotoVoice