What We Do

We deliver creative professional services to advocate for social change and to give people the skills and confidence to stand up and speak out. Our approach focuses on community engagement, participation, sharing skills and creativity.

We take the essence of storytelling and combine it with music, photography, video, animation and performance to communicate stories that help to connect, heal, plan, learn and change. We then aim to engage and influence audiences through events, festivals, television, social media, workshops and conferences. We also work with partners to plan for the utilisation of skills following project completion.

These creative projects may form part of a planning, evaluation, or advocacy activity, or be part of the program activities for a community engagement/arts initiative.

Our work falls within the following six areas:


Why We Do It

Our projects may include any of the following aims:

  • Identifying and gaining a deeper understanding of issues
  • Promoting a cause
  • Mobilising community action
  • Encouraging social connection
  • Building skills
  • Improving confidence and well-being.
  • Planning and evaluating community-based projects
  • Influencing policy and decision makers

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